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AAPA House of Delegates

The AAPA House of Delegates (HOD) is responsible for “enacting policies” and “establishing the collective values, philosophies and principals of the PA profession”. Elected delegates will represent North Carolina PAs and NCAPA at the AAPA HOD meetings.

2016/2017 NC Delegation: Wanda Hancock, PA-C; Truett Smith, PA-C; Marc Katz, PA-C; Samantha Rogers, PA-C; Paul Hendrix, PA-C; Alisha DeTroye, PA-C; Joshua Smith, PA-C; Linda Sekhon, PA-C

The following NCAPA Fellows are representatives to the AAPA House of Delegates for a term of July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2019:


  1. Marc Katz
  2. Samantha Rogers
  3. Truett Smith
  4. Alisha DeTroye
  5. Jeff Katz
  6. Linda Sekhon
  7. Sue Reich
  8. Joshua Smith
  9. Chris Barry

Extra Delegates:

  1. Wanda Hancock
  2. Charlene Morris