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PA Student Medical Challenge Bowl

Remember the game show “Jeopardy”?  Here’s how the PA Student Medical Challenge Bowl works:

  • Competition is inter-collegiate: to the extent possible, each team will consist of students from every PA program in North Carolina. Teams are determined on game day, based upon who is in attendance.
  • Responses to all questions require a question prefix (e.g. “What is… or Who is…”). Only one response per question per team.
  • Questions must be answered within 10 seconds, and points are deducted for incorrect answers. Teams “buzz-in” to answer questions as a group. The team that accumulates the most points wins.

NCAPA 2018 PA Student Medical Challenge Bowl!

by Kat Nicholas, Director of Membership and Marketing

On Saturday, April 14th, PA students from all over North Carolina gathered at the Stead Center to attend the 2018 Student Medical Challenge Bowl.

Every year, NCAPA staff and the Student Affairs Committee try hard to find a date that works best for the largest number of programs, realizing Spring can be difficult with exams and Spring Break. This year, 9 out of the 11 PA programs in the state were represented – our best showing yet! Due to the large interest and some dedicated volunteers, we decided to switch things up this year. First and foremost, Student Affairs committee members Molly Calabria (Chair), Laura Gerstner, and Betsy Melcher, took on the onerous task for creating brand new Challenge Bowl questions, as our previous batch had not been updated for quite some time. And, not only did they update the previous categories’ questions, they created three new ones, resulting in a total of 13 categories! Categories included the original ten: Cardiovascular, Pulmonology, EENT, Musculoskeletal, Gastrointestinal, Neurology, Dermatology, PA History, Anatomy, Physical Exam; and three new: Reproductive System, Infectious Disease, and Pediatrics.

Students were divided into six inter-collegiate teams so that members could network with PA students from other programs. In previous years, all teams played all rounds, ending with a final “Jeopardy” question. This year, we tried something a bit different, with three teams playing the first round, three different teams playing the second round, and the winning team from each round playing the third and final round.

The winning teams playing in the final round, were No MRSA and The Pulse, with The Pulse for the win. No MRSA placed second, Syncopy or Swim tied with the Glute Kickers for third, followed by the Gila Monsters and Kick Acidosis.

First place, The Pulse
Second place, No MRSA
Syncopy or Swim
Glute Kickers
Gila Monsters
Kick Acidosis

Another exciting and fun Challenge Bowl, readying our NC PA Students for the National Challenge Bowl at the AAPA Conference. Best of luck to all of you headed to New Orleans!