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PA Student Medical Challenge Bowl

Remember the game show “Jeopardy”?  Here’s how the PA Student Medical Challenge Bowl works:

  • Competition is inter-collegiate: to the extent possible, each team will consist of students from every PA program in North Carolina. Teams are determined on game day, based upon who is in attendance.
  • Responses to all questions require a question prefix (e.g. “What is… or Who is…”). Only one response per question per team.
  • Questions must be answered within 10 seconds, and points are deducted for incorrect answers. Teams “buzz-in” to answer questions as a group. The team that accumulates the most points wins.


NCAPA 2017 PA Student Medical Challenge Bowl!

by Kerstin Becker, Administrative Coordinator

On May 6th, the Student Affairs Committee hosted the 2017 PA Student Medical Challenge Bowl at the Stead Center in Durham in anticipation of the National Challenge Bowl in Las Vegas at the upcoming AAPA Conference.

Six teams competed in the Challenge Bowl, played in the Jeopardy game-show format with two rounds. Categories this year included Neurology, Dermatology, PA History, Anatomy, Physical Exam, Cardiovascular, Pulmonology, EENT, Musculoskeletal, and Gastrointestinal.

Over half of the PA schools in North Carolina were represented by both first- and second-year students, who participated in the event on inter-collegiate teams.

Spectators, including staff members and students from UNC-Chapel Hill and Duke, cheered on the six teams as they battled for a 1st place finish.

The Zooboomafoos emerged victorious with 215 points, although No MRSA nearly handed them a last minute upset, but ultimately fell a few points short of 1st place with a score of 210. 3rd place, with 110 points, went to The Glutamates.

The remaining three teams had between 0 and 60 points and all participants received prizes. Fun was had by all!


First Place, Zooboomafoos; Second Place, No MRSA


Third Place, The Glutamates; Fourth Place, The PapaAlphas


Fifth Place, Mittleschmertz; Sixth Place, The Bone Crushers

Students participating in this year’s Challenge Bowl included students from Campbell, Duke, Elon, Lenoir-Rhyne, Methodist, and UNC PA programs.