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PA Student Medical Challenge Bowl

Remember the game show “Jeopardy”?  Here’s how the PA Student Medical Challenge Bowl works:

  • Competition is inter-collegiate: to the extent possible, each team will consist of students from every PA program in North Carolina. Teams are determined on game day, based upon who is in attendance.
  • Responses to all questions require a question prefix (e.g. “What is… or Who is…”). Only one response per question per team.
  • Questions must be answered within 10 seconds, and points are deducted for incorrect answers. Teams “buzz-in” to answer questions as a group. The team that accumulates the most points wins.


NCAPA 2016 PA Student Medical Challenge Bowl!

by Kat Nicholas, NCAPA Director of Membership and Marketing

Thirty-two students, representing seven different PA programs in the state, competed on six randomly selected inter-collegiate teams in the 2016 Student Medical Challenge Bowl held on Saturday, April 16th.  The Challenge Bowl is a Jeopardy-style game with two rounds of play, each with five categories of questions ranging in point values from 5-25 points, with a number of “daily doubles” thrown in.  Buzzer technique and strategic wagering on Final Jeopardy are key, as is phrasing the answer in the form of a question. Question categories included neurology, dermatology, anatomy, physical exam, PA history, cardiology, pulmonary, EENT, musculoskeletal, and gastroenterology.

Due to the growth in the number of PA programs in the state, it was realized that we may no longer be able to rely on simply having four teams, as we have in the past. A new buzzer system was purchased this year, enabling us to accommodate the current number and any future growth for many years to come. This year, we settled on six teams whose members were pre-determined to include students from different PA programs, allowing the participants the opportunity to network with other students from across the state. After a few minutes of personal discussion, each team came up with team names.  The first team asked to be called “Dura Maters”; alas, all Kat heard was “Durham Otters.” After much laughter, they decided “Durham Otters” would suit them fine.  The second team chose “No MRSA”; third team opted for a simpler play on words, choosing the name “Team Three.”  The fourth team went with “Cremasters”, fifth team opted to call themselves “Wenkebache” and the sixth team chose “Azoles” as their designated name.

After introductions and a brief overview on the functioning of the new buzzer system (wireless! flashing lights! funny sounds!), the Challenge Bowl began. Molly Calabria, Student Affairs Committee Chair, and Laura Gerstner, the Director of Clinical Education at Campbell University and Student Affairs committee member, co-emceed the event, Kat Nicholas served as scorekeeper, and special thanks to Wanda Hancock, Emily Adams, and Linda Sekhon who stepped in and made sure flashing buzzers were recognized and assisted in keeping everyone on their toes.

Team 1_Durham Otters (Dura Maters) Team2_No MRSA

Above left: Durham Otters; Above right: No MRSA

Team3_Team 3 (first place) Team4_Cremasters

Above left: Team Three; Above right: Cremasters

Team5_Wenkebache Team6_Azoles

Above left: Wenkebache; Above right: Azoles

The students on each team worked really well together during their deliberations, though a few found it difficult to not keep testing the new buzzer system. . .At the end of round one, the Cremasters had the lead with a total of 125 points, with the team farthest behind at -35. Team Three was surprisingly quiet for the majority of the first round, ending the round with only 15 points, but came back in round two and, thanks to betting it all on Final Jeopardy, took first place and won the Challenge Bowl with a total of 180 points.  Each player went home with a bit more cash in their pocket than they came with, providing them with enough money equal in value to a candy bar (last place) all the way up to a deluxe extra large pizza (first place).

Students participating in this year’s Challenge Bowl included:

  • Campbell students: Bernard Campo, Ashley Hoover, Stacy Kropp, Ryan Millar, Josh Woody, Samantha Worley
  • Duke students: Emily Buckmiller, Ashley Cole, Julianna McCracken
  • ECU students: Ryland Bradley, Jonathan Bullock, Lexis Hohman, Matt Monaco
  • Elon students: Lindsey Bradshaw, Phia Caccavale, Peter Guertin, Alexis Sampson, Brittany Wiseman, Katherine Vornheder
  • High Point students:  Megan Anderson, Allison Chila, Lauren Lundin, Jenn Savage
  • Methodist students: Donovan Grierson, Nik Newton, Brian Rose
  • UNC students: Natalie Ford, Mary Garner, Dave Manning, Alyse Moses-Lebron, Gabriell Neri-Mynatt, Chris Orange

*2016 NCAPA Student Representatives

Student Representative, Campbell
Josh Woody, PA-S

Student Representative, Duke
Julie McCracken, PA-S

Student Representative, East Carolina
Ryland Bradley, PA-S

Student Representative, Elon
Jessica Clark, PA-S

Student Representative, Gardner-Webb
Elizabeth Hawes, PA-S

Student Representative, High Point
Christina Saldanha, PA-S

Student Representative, Lenoir-Rhyne
Alejandro Rendon, PA-S

Student Representative, Methodist
Brian Rose, PA-S

Student Representative, Wake Forest
Autumn Eliason, PA-S

Student Representative, Wingate
Jessica Jansson, PA-S

Student Representative, UNC
Natalie Ford, PA-S