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Looking to hire a PA? Check our our Career Center! Read More »

NCAPA Action Alert | HB 655: NC Health Care for Working Families

HB 655 is a bi-partisan approach to help close the health insurance coverage gap for many North Carolinians. The bill would provide health insurance coverage for persons who are ineligible for Medicaid but still not able to afford health insurance. Eligible persons would pay an annual premium that equates to 2% of their household income, billed monthly. This is strong step towards ensuring more North Carolinians have health insurance and deserves a vote this session.

HB 655 also includes provisions which aim to increase and improve rural health care by establishing the Rural Access to Healthcare Grant Program. This program would allow for applicants to apply for funds to assist with:

  • provider recruitment
  • loan forgiveness programs
  • provider retention incentive programs
  • expansion of telehealth
  • programs to enhance and modernize medical technology
  • new clinical patient services
  • activities to combat opioid abuse
  • reduction of infant mortality
  • modernization of health information technology systems
  • expansion of mental health services
  • activities to reduce or eliminate health disparities.

Take action and ask your legislators to support HB 655!