The Stead Center will be CLOSED to the public until further notice. Read More »

The Stead Center will be CLOSED to the public until further notice. Read More »

PAs and Innovation

NCAPA and the NC Biotechnology Center
are partnering to promote innovation among PAs.

The NC Biotechnology Center is a private, non-profit corporation that transforms North Carolina’s life science opportunities into economic prosperity through innovation, commercialization, education and business growth. Through our collaboration, we aim to educate PAs about the innovation process and direct them to resources that can support their innovation efforts.

For more information please contact Greta Brunet at the NC Biotechnology Center –

PAs are exposed daily to clinical problems in need of creative solutions.

However, many practicing PAs have not been exposed to the concepts of innovation, design thinking, start-ups, entrepreneurship, etc.….and many fail to recognize that they are creative and capable of not only being care givers but also problem solvers.

There are many “on-ramps” for PA’s to get involved in innovation, irrespective of whether they want to become an inventor, join a team, or start their own company. As clinicians on the front-line, PAs provide value in multiple parts of the innovation process. A PA holds tremendous value just by helping to identify problems, consult on feasibility or functionality, be a beta-tester, etc.

At each step described below, there are many sources of support and help. While some PAs may be interested in participating throughout the entire Problem to Product life cycle, opportunities to make a valuable contribution also exist for those who would rather be involved in only a segment of the innovation process. Click on the image below to learn more about PAs and innovation.

A list of additional resources for PAs and Innovation can be found here.