Visits to the Stead Center are by appointment only. Please call the NCAPA office for more information. Read More »

Visits to the Stead Center are by appointment only. Please call the NCAPA office for more information. Read More »

The Pulse | April 2017

In this issue:


President’s Letter


Legislative Updates


Veteran’s Memorial Garden Dedication


PA History Society Celebrates 15th Anniversary


41st Annual NCAPA Summer Conference


Upcoming Regional CME Workshops


Why We Do What We Do


TAPA 2017 Spring CME Conference


Interested in Serving on the Board? NCAPA Seeking Nominations


Seeking House of Delegates Nominations


NCAPA Endowment Student Grants Available


PA Student Medical Challenge Bowl


Nominate an Outstanding PA for PA of the Year!


NCAPA Endowment Student Scholarship:Campbell


PA Specialty License Tag Survey


PA Students and Make-A-Wish Foundation Golf Tournament


Free Controlled Substances CME Available


Comprehensive Online Review for the PANCE/PANRE


Welcome Members!


President’s Letter – Are You Giving Back?

 Bowtie photo_Truettby Truett Smith , MPAS, PA-C

Are you giving back to your profession? All of us have had the opportunity to be trained by many great preceptors. Are YOU currently precepting students? “But I just don’t have time,” you say. I would bet that your clinical mentors may not have had any more time than you. “But, I’m not a teacher.” Remember the old adage, watch one, do one, teach one? No, I’ll admit that teaching in not quite that easy, but being a preceptor is as easy as sharing your knowledge with others. The continued success of our profession depends on the training of highly trained, well qualified PAs. As a practicing PA, you have the knowledge to share!

How about mentoring? Do you allow high school or college students to shadow you? Do you take time to answer the questions that your patients have about PA school or the profession? We should all remain vigilant in sharing what it means to be a PA and how PAs provide optimal healthcare to our patients. The PA profession is growing. Be a part of your own public awareness campaign and make it even stronger!

Truett Smith, PA-C and Gardner-Webb PA student Andrew Rushlow, PA-S

How about your financial resources? (Now, I have your attention!) The NCAPA Endowment is the philanthropic arm of our academy. The Endowment provides scholarships to PA students, grants to practicing NC PAs in service to their communities, funds to support students who participate in advocacy and leadership activities, grants for continuing medical education endeavors, and provides support for PAs with addiction illness. I encourage you to check out the NCAPA Endowment and how they can help you maximize your financial resources to benefit the PA profession.

How about leadership? Are you involved at the local level, the state level or even the national level? If you don’t advocate for your profession, who will? The NCAPA has upcoming elections for multiple Board positions, as well as AAPA House of Delegates candidates. Later in the summer, we will be putting out an active call for candidates interested in joining one of our many committees. There are many ways to get involved. If you look, you may just find one that sparks your interest.

So I ask you – Are you ready to give back? None of these ideas will make you financially rich, but the rewards are much greater and far more enduring. If nothing else, I hope to see you at PA Day at the NC Legislature on April 25th! 



Truett Smith, MPAS, PA-C, DFAAPA

NCAPA President


Legislative Updates

by Sarah Wolfe, Assistant Vice-President, McGuire Woods Consulting 

STOP Act Update
On March 29, the House Health Committee unanimously agreed to a new draft of HB 243: Strengthen Opioid Misuse Prevention (STOP) Act of 2017. In the latest draft, the language requiring PAs and NPs to “personally consult” with their supervising physician prior to prescribing certain controlled substances for 30 days, and every 90 days thereafter, still exists. The language, however, has been tailored to make this requirement only applicable to “targeted controlled substances,” versus the first edition of the bill, which would require the consultation for all Schedules II through V controlled substances. A “targeted controlled substance” is defined as any controlled substance included in G.S. 90-90 (1), (2), or (3), or G.S. 90-91(d), meaning, only certain controlled Schedule II and Schedule III drugs will fall under this requirement.

On April 10, after considering three amendments to the bill, the House unanimously agreed to the latest version of the STOP Act. Rep. Greg Murphy, one of the bill’s primarily sponsors and a practicing urologic surgeon, offered an amendment to clarify that “targeted controlled substances,” as detailed in the original update below, only applied to opioids, and not stimulants. The amendment removed G.S. 90-90 (3), which defines Schedule II stimulant controlled substances. The amendment unanimously passed.

Subsequently, Rep. Gale Adcock, a practicing nurse practitioner from Wake County, put forth an amendment to require all providers that are prescribing targeted controlled substances for 60 days or longer to execute a pain management agreement plan with the patient. The amendment passed unanimously. Click here to read what must be included in the pain management plan.

Rep. Adcock offered a second amendment, which would have stricken the provisions within the bill that requires PAs and NPs to personally consult with their supervising physicians whenever a targeted controlled substance is initially prescribed, and every 90 days thereafter. The amendment failed.

NCAPA continues to work with lawmakers in order to make this bill the best bill possible. We support their initiative to equip providers with the tools to help combat the state’s opioid addiction epidemic. NCAPA does continue to be concerned, however, with the language that will require a PA to personally consult with their supervising physician, and how this language will play out in everyday practice across the state.

Carolina Cares
On April 6, four Republicans filed HB 662: Carolina Cares, which would provide coverage to North Carolina adults between the ages of 19 and 64 not currently eligible under the Medicaid program eligibility criteria, not entitled to enroll in Medicare Parts A or B, and their modified adjusted gross income does not exceed 133% of the federal poverty level.

Under the Carolina Cares program, which is based off of the Medicaid expansion program in Indiana, adults who qualify would pay annual premiums, billed monthly, equal to 2% of their household income, with some exceptions. Participants would also have to be working or seeking employment, in order to be eligible, with exemptions for adults caring for a dependent minor or a disabled adult child or parent, for persons in active treatment for substance abuse, or individuals determined to be medically frail. The Department of Health & Human Services would be required to establish preventative care and wellness activities for the program, including physicals, screenings for mammograms and colonoscopies, and weight management programs.

Of the bill’s four primary sponsors, Reps. Donny Lambeth (R-Forsyth), Greg Murphy (R-Pitt), Josh Dobson (R-McDowell) and Donna White (R-Johnston), three are House Health Committee chairs (Lambeth, Murphy, Dobson). Additionally, Rep. Lambeth is a retired hospital administrator, Rep. Murphy is a practicing surgeon, and Rep. White is a practicing registered nurse. At this time, it is unclear how much traction this proposal will receive in the House.

With so many proposals moving at the legislature, be sure to keep up with the latest happenings by visiting the NCAPA Legislative Action Center.



Veteran’s Memorial Garden Dedication

by Reginald Carter, PhD, PA

NCAPA President, Truett Smith, PA-C, welcoming guests to the Memorial Garden Dedication

Saturday, April 8th was a beautiful day with a Carolina blue sky, a nice breeze, and a lovely 65 degrees.  Over 80 individuals gathered at the Stead Center in Durham to rededicate the John McElligott Veterans Memorial Garden.  NCAPA President Truett Smith, PA-C, welcomed guests and the PA History Society’s Historian Emeritus, Reginald Carter, Ph.D., PA, described briefly how the garden has evolved over the past 10 years into a place of remembrance for Veteran PAs, as well as PAs currently serving in the Uniformed Services of the USA.  Carter read remarks from Don Pedersen, PhD, PA, who had the combat medic statue, that was originally placed on the University of Utah campus in 2003, recast and placed on the Stead Center’s grounds in 2007. The sculptor, John Prazen, was a former US Navy Corpsman during the Korean War who, at one time, considered becoming a physician assistant himself.  Pederson wrote, “My thanks to you all for providing such a magnificent setting for the sculpture, which I believe captures the caring and compassion of our military forbearers and provides a lasting reminder of our noble profession’s unique history.”  Carter then explained how and why the garden had been named in honor of John McElligott, PA, MD, and introduced McElligott who praised the sacrifices and risk taken by the medics and corpsmen who pioneered the PA profession.  Michael- Milner, DHsc, PA-C, RADM, USPH (Retired) spoke on behalf of the AAPA Veteran Caucus, remembering many of the veteran PAs who have passed away and how the garden honored them for their contributions to the PA profession.

The garden’s design architect, Julie Sherk, RLA, ASLA, provided a brief overview of how her NC State University landscaping students took on the project as a community activity and how much they had learned in the process of submitting designs for consideration.  This project was especially dear to her heart because her dad was a veteran of WWII and because she had also been the landscaping design architect for the formal gardens at the Stead Center when originally constructed.

The PA History Society’s President, Karen Mulitalo, MPAS, PA-C, recognized the donors, contributors and honored guests, including Ken Ferrell, one of the first three Duke PA graduates, George McCullough and Jimmy Keller, two of the first PAs assigned to the medical staff of the White House and Drs. Harvey Estes, Jr. and Alfred Sadler, Jr., two pioneering physicians who helped develop model legislation for the PA profession.  Joseph Kelly, Chief Operations Officer for the NC Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, spoke of his personal experience of being cared by Air Force PAs and expressed his appreciation for a garden honoring veteran PAs.  Representatives of the four national PA organizations provided concluding remarks and expressed their appreciation of having the opportunity to support the construction of the garden. These individuals included NCCPA President/CEO, Dawn Morton-Rias, Ed.D., PA-C, ARC-PA Board Member, Patti Ragan, Ph.D., PA-C, PAEA President, William C. Kohlhepp, DHSc, PA-C and AAPA Immediate Past President Jeffrey Katz, PA-C.  The Womack Army Medical Center Color Guard and a Bugler from Fort Bragg participated in the ceremony, presenting and retiring colors and playing taps.  What better way to begin celebrating the PA profession’s 50th Anniversary than to honor pioneering PAs, most of whom were veterans.



PA History Society Celebrates 15th Anniversary

by Reginald Carter, PhD, PA

PA History Society Board of Trustees, Staff and Friends, Veteran Memorial Garden, April 8, 2017

In addition to dedicating the Veteran Garden, the PA History Society celebrated its 15th anniversary at the Stead Center on April 8th.  The Society’s Board of Trustees held their meeting at the Double Tree Hotel in the morning and attended a dual dedication and anniversary ceremony in the afternoon.  NCCPA President/CEO Dawn Morton-Rias, EdD, PA-C provided opening remarks and expressed the NCCPA’s Board of Directors’ pride in having the PA History Society as a sponsoring organization.  She noted the many accomplishments of the Society over the past six years in preserving, analyzing and telling the history and legacy of the PA Profession.  The Society’s Historian, Ruth Ballweg, MPA, PA-C Emeritus, described briefly the founding of the PA History Society and its accomplishments.  She noted that the National Library of Medicine (NLM) banner exhibit on display at the Stead Center and the beautiful Veteran’s Garden were two tangible examples of the Society’s commitment to showcase the history and legacy of the PA profession.  She read comments from Jeff Henrich, EdD, PA, a co-founder and first president of the PA History Society, who wished the Society a “Happy 15th Anniversary” and thanked individuals who have served on the Board of Trustees and expressed his appreciation of the NCCPA for their extraordinary and important support.  The Society’s President, Karen Mulitalo, MPAS, PA-C, expressed her appreciation to all past and current Trustees, Donors, Founding Members, Associates and Sponsors of the Society.  The ceremony ended with a reception and toast from Reginald Cater, Ph.D., PA, a cofounder and first Executive Director of the Society.  He said in part, “the Society wants all of you in the PA Profession to keep making history, we need the work” and closed with a salute to the PA Profession for its current and future success.

Dr. Reginald Carter toast the PA History Society on its 15th Anniversary with Lori Konopka-Sauer, the Society’s Managing Director

Editor’s Note: The PA History Society moved its administrative office from Duke University to the Stead Center in January 2006 and remained there until July 2007 when the Society’s office was moved to the AAPA Building in Alexandria, VA. As the Society’s Historian and Director of the PA History Center at Duke University, Dr. Carter retained his office at the Stead Center until his retirement on July 30, 2008.



41st Annual NCAPA Summer Conference

Embassy Suites, Kingston Plantation
August 20-25, 2017
Myrtle Beach, SC


The NCAPA combines the best CME conference for PAs with a family-friendly beach vacation.  We start our sessions early and end early so you can have the best of both worlds!

NCAPA has reserved a block of rooms at the Kingston Plantation in Myrtle Beach.  Rooms in our block fill up very early, so we recommend you book your room ASAP!  Click here to reserve your room or call (843)449-0006 and use the group code NCA.


Upcoming Regional CME Workshops

Pharmacology Workshop
May 6, 2017
Edison Square Family Medicine
Concord, NC

Registration is open!

Pharmacology is at the center of how we treat patients. We must have a functional clinical understanding that is applicable. This workshop is taught by John Bielinski, PA-C and focuses on conceptual understanding and NOT rote memorization, called “active engagement learning.” When the mind is engaged we deeply learn. This interactive pharmacology workshop will provide a foundation of knowledge and test your understanding with audience response units (anonymously!)

Here’s what to expect:

  • Understand the antihypertensive
  • Master the drugs of advanced life support
  • Learn the indications of antiarrhythmic
  • Confidence in the pulmonary medications
  • Review medications for CHF
  • Explore the medications of arterial risk factor reduction
  • Clinical application of antibiotics
  • And much more

AAPA Category 1 CME logo

This program has been reviewed and is approved for a maximum of 6 hours of AAPA Category 1 CME Credit by the Physician Assistant Review Panel.  Physician Assistants should claim only those hours actually spent participating in the CME activity.


Joint Injection Workshop
June 24, 2017
South East AHEC
Wilmington, NC

Registration Opens in May!



Why We Do What We Do

by Anonymous NC PA-C

When I was applying for PA school, I wrote an essay for the application on why I wanted to be a PA. The general idea of the essay was that I wanted a job where I could make a difference in the lives of people. I referred specifically to the pediatrics clinic where I had worked. The kids, especially those diagnosed with ADHD and Autism, and their parents had established partners to make life better rather than just having a doctor.

During the last several months, I have been adjusting the medications of a patient in order to get fewer side affects but better relief of symptoms for a better quality of life. I last saw her three months ago and she brought her severely autistic son. He pulled the hood of his batman sweatshirt over his face and would not talk or make eye contact with anyone. While mom was talking, and me being me, I was peaking under the hood trying make eye contact with him. In my experience at the pediactric clinic, I had learned to take a tongue depressor and write the child’s name on it along with some sort of picture. So I got a tongue depressor, put his name on it, and on the flip side put BATMAN and drew the Batman symbol. He took it.

At her follow up appointment three months later, mom comes back in without her son.

“Where’s your side kick?” I ask.

“He’s been staying at school!” She then proceeds to tell me this story:

The Batman stick has become his power. Whenever he has to do something that scares him (and for an autistic kid, that is most things) he makes sure he has his stick and he goes for it.

“The other day” she goes on “I got a bill from the school for $22 for breakfasts. My son doesn’t eat breakfast at school. We drag him in crying and he goes to the teacher’s room and cries until school starts. So, I called the school. They tell me that he has been going to breakfast with his stick. Not only that, there are three of his classmates that save a seat for him and he goes in and gets chocolate milk and juice for everybody. He sits down and eats breakfast with them.”

“I’ve created a monster” I reply. “No!” she exclaims. “He is interacting with kids his own age and not only that, the kids are excited to have him at their table.” For the first time he is being social and accepted.

I love my job!



TAPA 2017 Spring CME Conference

The Stead Center
1121 Slater Road, Durham, NC
April 22, 2017 | 7:45am – 4:00pm

Triangle Area Physician Assistants is holding a 2017 Spring CME  Conference, which will include 7 hours of FREE Category 1 CME*. This will include new controlled substance requirements. The event has a 75-seat capacity and will be held at the Stead Center in Durham. Register today!

* This program is not yet approved for CME credit. Conference organizers plan to request 7 hours AAPA Category 1 CME credits from the Physician Review Panel. Total number of approved credits yet to be determined.


Interested in Serving on the Board? NCAPA Seeking Nominations

by NCAPA Nominating Committee

The NCAPA Nominating Committee is soliciting candidates for open positions on the Board of Directors and Nominating Committee in 2018. Serving on the NCAPA Board is an important way to contribute to your profession and a wonderful leadership experience. North Carolina is often cited as a great state in which to practice as a PA. It got that way through the vision, leadership, and volunteer work of PAs just like you!

If you know a PA who cares deeply about the profession, who wants to contribute to the future of the profession, who is a good listener, collaborator, and decision maker—or if you are that person—please nominate her/him for a position on the NCAPA Board of Directors.

The following positions for elected offices are open for nominees: President-Elect, Treasurer, Director-At-Large (three positions), and a Nominating Committee Member. To read more about these positions and to nominate yourself or a colleague, click here. The deadline for nominating a colleague is May 31, 2017. The deadline for nominating yourself is August 1, 2017.

All terms begin January 1, 2018. Nominees for officer positions (President-Elect and Treasurer) must be an NCAPA Fellow member in good standing. All other nominees must be a Fellow or Associate member.


Seeking House of Delegates Nominations

by NCAPA Nominating Committee

Nominations are now open for candidates seeking to be the NCAPA representatives to the American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA) 2018 and 2019 House of Delegates (HOD).

The AAPA HOD is the representative governance body for the national professional organization. It is comprised of delegates who represent chapters and other constituent groups. The number of HOD representatives from NCAPA is based on the number of AAPA Fellow members in North Carolina. Based on the growing number of PAs in North Carolina, NCAPA has nine (9) delegate slots to fill. NCAPA also elects two extra, back-up delegates who are expected to attend the HOD meetings and will step in when other delegates leave the floor. In total, NCAPA fellow members will elect a total of eleven (11) people to the HOD.

Nominations for Delegates are being accepted for a term of office that begins on July 1, 2017, and ends on June 30, 2019. NCAPA Fellow members may self-declare or nominate another Fellow Member. (Fellow members are PAs who are members of both AAPA and NCAPA.) Those elected will represent NCAPA at the 2018 and 2019 AAPA HOD meetings, with travel, lodging, and meal expenses paid by NCAPA.

In order to be eligible, you must:

  • Be a Fellow Member in good standing through the previous calendar year.
  • Submit a Letter of Intent and brief Platform Statement to the NCAPA Nominating Committee via the NCAPA Executive Director no later than May 1, 2017.

Voting by electronic ballot will begin May 20 and close June 5, 2017. Only NCAPA Fellow members in good standing are eligible to vote.

NCAPA’s delegates and back-up delegates will be ranked, based upon the number of votes each candidate receives. The top nine vote getters will be delegates and the 10th and 11th vote getters will serve as extra delegates. Election results will be announced by June 19, 2017.

To submit your Letter of Intent and Platform Statement, please send one of the following ways:

  • email:, or
  • fax: 919-479-9726, Attn: Emily Adams or
  • by mail to Emily Adams, NCAPA, 1121 Slater Road, Durham, NC 27703. If sending by mail, please allow enough time for your materials to arrive by May 5th.

If you have any question, please contact Emily Adams, NCAPA Executive Director, at or by calling 919-479-1995.


NCAPA Endowment Student Grants Available

Did you know that the NCAPA Endowment awards a grant to one PA student PER PA PROGRAM each year? That means, 11 programs, 11 grants! 

June 11 is the deadline to apply for 2017 NCAPA Endowment Scholarships. You must be a current student member of NCAPA and enrolled in your clinical year in a NC PA program in September of 2017.

To be considered, we must receive your completed application, done either online or by mail, and an official transcript from your PA program, postmarked by June 11, 2017.  Official transcripts (no copies please) should be mailed to:

NCAPA, att. Kerstin Becker, 1121 Slater Road, Durham, NC 27703.


PA Student Medical Challenge Bowl

Remember the game show “Jeopardy”? If you’re a current student member of NCAPA, now it’s your turn to play! The 2017 Student Medical Challenge Bowl is set for Saturday, May 6th, at the Stead Center in Durham.

Here’s how the PA Student Medical Challenge Bowl works:

  • Competition is inter-collegiate: to the extent possible, each team will consist of students from every PA program in North Carolina. Teams are pre-determined, based upon who registers;
  • Responses to all questions require a question prefix (e.g. “What is… or Who is…”). Only one response per question per team.
  • Questions must be answered within 10 seconds, and points are deducted for incorrect answers. Teams “buzz-in” to answer questions as a group. The team that accumulates the most points wins.
  • Prizes for all!

Registrations are due by April 26th. Students should contact their NCAPA Student Representative to register.


Nominate an Outstanding PA for PA of the Year!

NCAPA’s PA of the Year award honors a PA who has demonstrated exemplary service to the profession and the community, while providing significant contributions to the health of the citizens of North Carolina. To be eligible for the PA of the Year award, an individual must be a Fellow or Associate Member of NCAPA and have been a practicing PA for at least five years.

May 1 is the deadline for 2017 nominations. Any NCAPA member may submit a nomination, including self-nomination. The 2017 PA of the Year award recipient will be honored at the 41st Annual NCAPA Summer Conference in Myrtle Beach, SC. In addition to a plaque, the recipient will receive a complimentary conference registration and one night’s lodging associated with attending the awards presentation.  The recipient’s name will also be added to a permanent PA of the Year recognition plaque at the Stead Center.

Visit the NCAPA website to find out more about the PA of the Year and submit your nomination.


NCAPA Endowment Student Scholarship: Campbell University Recipient

by Sue Reich, PA-C, MPAs

The 2016 NCAPA Endowment scholarship designated for a Campbell University PA Program student was awarded to Ms. Alexandra Miller. Ms. Miller attended Campbell while also pursuing collegiate athletics as a walk-on in women’s swimming. “Hard worker” is a weak understatement when describing Alexandra—she persisted in her studies and her swimming, receiving an athletic scholarship for a place on the team while also earning a concurrent 3.5 GPA in Biology. Balancing academics with extracurricular activities is clearly a special skill for Alexandra, evidenced by extensive involvement in campus and community projects. Somehow during all of the undergraduate activities, she also worked as a CNA. Alexandra continues this high energy level into PA school, where she serves as a program ambassador and volunteers in community organizations that provide medical and dental care to indigent populations. Her future goals are unclear, except that primary care practice is high on the list. Wherever Alexandra goes, there is no doubt that her level of dedication and high energy will benefit her patients and her community.

Campbell Clinical Director, Laura Gerstner, PA-C, presenting check to Alexandra Miller

The NCAPA Endowment awards annual scholarship grants to a second year student from each of the North Carolina PA programs. Please consider making a contribution to support those who are the future of our profession. Thank you to all who have generously donated through the years.


PA Specialty License Tag Survey

In 1967, the first three PAs graduated from the Duke PA program, making North Carolina the birthplace of the PA profession. As you are more than aware, NC remains a great place to live and practice as PA and we at NCAPA have been thinking a lot this year for ways in which we can recognize and honor PAs throughout the state.

With that in mind, we hope you’ll take two minutes (or less) of your time to complete a brief, three question survey regarding a specialized NC license tag for PAs. The process to go about obtaining approval through the Department of Transportation is long and we would not be able to submit our petition for the tag until next February of 2018. But before we decide whether or not to proceed, we wanted to share what is required and hope to get some input from all of you regarding interest.

The survey will remain open until Thursday, April 20th. You can follow this link or cut and paste the following URL into your browser:

Thank you for providing your input!



PA Students and Make-A-Wish Foundation Golf Tournament

from the Campbell University PA Program

Join the Campbell University PA class of 2018 at the 5th Annual Tournament of Wishes! ALL proceeds will benefit Make A Wish, Eastern North Carolina. Cart, greens fees, range balls included with BBQ dinner to follow.

When: Saturday, June 10, 1:00 pm

Where: Keith Hill Golf Course

216 Country Club Drive, Buies Creek, NC

See the flyer for more information.


Free Controlled Substances CME Available

from the NC Medical Board

The NC Medical Board has developed free controlled substances CME for all NC licensed medical professionals with Wake AHEC. The educational activities will fulfill the controlled substances CME requirement that is going into effect July 1st. The are targeting providers in rural areas and hope to expand the events to locations across North Carolina later in the year. Knowing that not everyone will be able to travel to the physical sites, the webinar is available to everyone.

The webinar covers the CDC guidelines and utilization of the Controlled Substances Reporting System (CSRS). It is free to watch and will provide an hour of Category 1 CME and meets the requirements of the controlled substances CME that goes into effect this year.

Registration has been opened for panel sessions covering controlled substances prescribing. The panels are live, 2-hr events being held in central NC and are being offered at no cost to NC licensed medical professionals. The target audiences consists of primary care providers who are not pain specialists, as well as other specialties who might be interested (orthopaedists, NPs, surgeons, etc.). Attendees at the live event are highly encouraged to watch the webinar in advance of the panel session.

Combined, the webinar and panel sessions will FULFILL the controlled substances CME requirement that is going into effect July 1st. PAs are only required to attain 2 hours per CME cycle, but the NCMB is hopeful they will find value in the educational activities.

See the flyer for details on the panel sessions and webinar.

Here are the registration links for these events:

4/19 in Henderson:

5/4 in Roxboro:

5/24 in Sanford:



Comprehensive Online Review for the PANCE/PANRE

from Exam Master


*Exam Master’s PANCE/PANRE resources are the leading resource for more efficient study, with content outlined into concise topics and subjects. All questions have an excellent representation of topics/subjects in the actual exam. Our extensive question banks feature the leading, most significant questions for a more focused study and improved board preparation experience.

Key Features:

  • Over 3000 questions covering the PANCE/PANRE exam blueprint organized by topic, subject and categories
  • Quickly assess your strengths and weaknesses with personalized, detailed score reports
  • Detailed explanations provide thorough coverage of learning concepts
  • Available in test, study and review modes for flexible learning
  • Create notes, flash cards and mark questions for deeper study and retention

Special discounted access available through NCAPA, only $95 for a 3-month subscription!

To purchase, visit the NCAPA online store or call 919-479-1995.

*Exam Master® has no affiliation with National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants (NCCPA) or Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB)

Welcome Members!

Welcome to our renewing and our brand new members!

  The following members have joined or renewed their membership since our last issue. Thank you all for your support of NCAPA and all PAs in North Carolina!

Clifford Amos, Rocky Mount
Sarah Arcara, Fayetteville
Daniel Backof, Perry Hall, MD
Julie Bass Ransom, Asheville
Mark Belligan, Raleigh
Michael Bhiro, Laurel Hill
Dixie Bhiro, Laurel Hill
Kenneth Blanton, Wilmington
Jeffrey Bonito, Fairview
Veronica Bradley, Mooresville
LaDonna Brown, Gastonia
Anay Castro, Raleigh
Chris Clark, Clayton
Courtney Edwards, Winston-Salem
Lauren Faidley, Cary
Alan Gindoff, Greenville
Harrison Glover, Monroe
Mark Greemon, Gastonia
Michael Gulledge, Huntersville
Virginia Hancock, New Bern
James Harris, Matthews
Pat Harris, Matthews
Suzann Hedgecock, High Point
Megan Horton, Winston Salem
Jennifer Hough, Elkin
Charles Huggins, Red Springs
Victoria Ioan, Vale
Nick Izaj, Jamestown
Claudine Lamanna, Raleigh
Mia Lassiter, Charlotte
david lewis, Oxford
Marisa Marsolek, Raleigh
Tami Martin, Wilmington
Sandra May, South Charleston, WV
Becky Moore, Chapel Hill
Michelle Moore, Kernersville
Adam Myers, Fairmont
Dawn O’Reilly, Clemmons
MacArthur Payne, Winchester, VA
Michael Ramos, Fayetteville
Natasha Rosser, Raleigh
James Seal, goldsboro
Richard Sepka, Durham
Kaliyann Te, Lexington
Angela Thatcher, Wake Forest
Amy Thompson, Clemmons
Margie Trent, Lexington
Rebecca Weber, Winston-Salem
Dana Williams, Lynch Station, VA
Kristen Wilson, Wilmington
David Zeyfang, Summerfield