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The Stead Center will be CLOSED to the public until further notice. Read More »

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  • PA Day at the NC Legislature Success!

    PA Day at the NC Legislature is always a highlight of my year as a PA in North Carolina, but 2018’s adventure on May 30th was the best yet. Rain was in the forecast, but it held off as we convened in downtown Raleigh. There were some familiar faces in attendance and then some Campbell University PA students arrived, along with their new Program Director, Betty Lynne Johnson. Friends and colleagues from decades past, along with several newer PAs and PA students came together, 30 of us in total, to meet and visit with our NC Legislators.

    NCAPA Executive Director, Emily Adams, organized packets of information, created teams that coincided with our respective districts, and added a student to each group. The issues are many, yet the primary focus was: When laws concerning healthcare arise, include PAs! There are now over 7000 PAs licensed to practice in NC.

    And on we went! I met with my local legislators and spoke with other district representatives, noting my appreciation of their support and input. One PA who was on my team was called back to surgery, so we broke into marathon mode as we made our way to visit the list of 20+, all of whom were positive and engaged with NC PAs.

    NCAPA has grown. This past PA Legislative Day was one of optimism, as I witnessed the participation of PAs from around the state as well as recognition of the importance of PAs from our Legislators. If you could not attend this year, consider walking the walk with NCAPA in 2019. Get to know your legislators and go to their meetings in your district. Offer yourself as a resource of information on PAs and the profession.

    There IS strength in numbers!

    Charlene M. Morris, DFAAPA, MPAS, PA-C
    NCAPA Past-President
    PAtient Advocate/PAdvocate

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