Looking to hire a PA? Check our our Career Center! Read More »

Looking to hire a PA? Check our our Career Center! Read More »

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  • I Am NCAPA | Mylinda Worthy

    Why you love being a PA and why membership in your state Academy is so vitally important.

    Since 1976, NCAPA has been advocating for and strengthening PA practice rights in North Carolina. We couldn’t do much of this without our dedicated PA members. But, you may not realize, we also have a large segment of PA student members, who are learning not only how to practice as PAs, but learning to advocate for their future profession as well. Our September I Am NCAPA highlighted member is Mylinda Worthy. Mylinda is a student member of NCAPA and is currently enrolled in the Methodist University PA program. She attended our NCAPA Student Leadership Retreat last Fall and stated that she is definitely interested in “learning and being more involved in PA legislation.” Mylinda is excited to become a PA and has great love of the profession.

    And NCAPA is excited for you, Mylinda! Thank you for your interest in not only becoming a PA skilled in clinical practice, but also for your interest in getting involved on the “front lines” of protecting and growing the PA profession in North Carolina. We look forward to your future as a PA!

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