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Looking to hire a PA? Check our our Career Center! Read More »

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  • I Am NCAPA | Rebecca McGowan

    Why you love being a PA and why membership in your state Academy is so vitally important.

    Our April I Am NCAPA member highlight is Rebecca McGowan. Rebecca went to PA school in New York, at Bayley Seton Hospital. The Bayley Seton program became the St. Vincent Catholic Medical Center program, which has now become the current St John’s program. She currently specializes in Neurology.

    Rebecca has been a member as long as she has been a PA, since 1998. She is dedicated to supporting the PA profession, as well as supporting herself as a PA, and feels the “ability to get new information” and network with her PA peers is a valuable benefit to membership. When asked what she loves about being a PA, she states “Everything! I have been one for 21 years and although I have been in neurology for 14 years, I also have worked in ortho, neurosurgery, and family practice. I think the ability to changes fields improves skill sets and avoids burn out!”

    NCAPA is grateful for your dedication to your patients and your profession, Rebecca. Thank you for being a part of NCAPA!



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