Visits to the Stead Center are by appointment only. Please call the NCAPA office for more information. Read More »

Visits to the Stead Center are by appointment only. Please call the NCAPA office for more information. Read More »

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  • My Meeting with Senator Krawiec – Time Well Spent
    by Samantha Rogers, PA-C

    I had been saying that I would meet “sometime” with one of the legislators in my district. That time finally arrived a couple of weeks ago, even though we’re in the midst of a global pandemic.  I met with Senator Joyce Krawiec, Chair of the NC Senate Health Committee, during lunchtime on a less busy than usual Friday. After a warm and socially distanced greeting at Panera, we transitioned easily into a friendly conversation about PAs, health care, and how we all have adjusted over the past few months. Thankfully, politicians are comfortable talking about most anything, so getting the conversation started on my own, without my colleagues to back me up, was not a problem.


    My main reason for meeting with Senator Krawiec was to give her a check from the NCAPA Political Action Committee (PAC). The PAC supports candidates whose work will have a positive impact on PA practice in North Carolina and will help NCAPA develop strong legislative partners for the PA profession. Senator Krawiec was grateful for the gift and welcomed the time to speak about issues affecting PAs and the PA profession. She understands the role and importance of PAs and was appreciative to learn how PAs in a variety of settings have been affected by the pandemic through furloughs, lost CME funds, and other financial impacts.  Our meeting felt neither rushed nor too long, in contrast to previous meetings at the General Assembly, which are typically quite brief. We easily filled the time conversing on professional and personal matters, building rapport and establishing a relationship which will potentially benefit future discussions involving legislation affecting PAs and PA practice in NC.


    I highly encourage all our PA members to take the time and meet with your legislator in your home district. These visits can be low stress, rewarding, and a have a sustaining, positive impact. The time allowed for these visits is often extended past the usual Legislative Day visits, which are almost always under time pressure. And be sure to thank your legislator when you do meet. I followed up with Senator Krawiec via email, thanking her again for taking the time to meet during a busy campaign season, to which she replied very promptly and in kind.  It was a great experience and I am so thankful that I fulfilled a goal that I have had for several years to meet with a local legislator ‘in my own backyard’.


    If you meet with a legislator in your district, be sure to let NCAPA know. We will gladly assist you with any necessary follow up.

    Want to contribute to the NCAPA PAC? You can do so here.

    If you have questions or would like more information on the PAC or how you might go about meeting with a legislator, feel free to reach out to Emily Adams, NCAPA Executive Director, at


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