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Visits to the Stead Center are by appointment only. Please call the NCAPA office for more information. Read More »

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  • Scam Alert | Callers Posing as NCMB

    We recently received notice from one of our members regarding a scam perpetrated by someone posing as the NC Medical Board. We wanted to share his story below:

    Fellow PAs,

    I had someone try to scam me yesterday.  They called on my personal cell phone, stating they are from the NC Medical Board (caller ID gave the NC Medical Board number), and told me there was fraudulent activity related to illegal prescribing and drug trafficking associated with my license number.  The man I spoke with had a slight accent, and said he was “Mike Moore”.  He read me my license number and my NPI #, as well as my home address and (OLD work address…hmm, I thought).  He said there was illegal drug trafficking by someone using my license number, and the FBI and DEA are preparing charges against me (hmm… I haven’t done anything wrong, but I am being charged?).

    The caller said schedule II, III, & IV drugs were seized at the US/Mexico border in Texas, and my name was on some of the prescription medication as a prescriber.  I asked him if the prescription was paper or electronic, and he said paper. (Hmmm… we only e-prescribe)  He also mentioned something about some potentially illicit financial transactions noted on my accounts (Hmmm…).

    At this point, I was done with him.  I asked him what I need to do, because I need to get back to seeing patients.  He said I was not authorized to see patients because the medical board placed a temporary suspension of my license pending the investigation.  He wanted to send me a fax to a “secured line”.  I said I did not have a secured line, and asked him to e-mail the document to my e-mail address, which he should have on file.  He said he needed to send a fax, because my email account could be compromised. (what?…).   (I am guessing the fax would detail how to “reinstate” my “suspended license”.   I told him I would call him back at the NC Medical Board to discuss further.  He gave me the actual number of the NCMB: 919-326-1100

    So, knowing this was a scam of some sort, I called the NCMB to let them know.  They said yes, this is a scam, and the caller would eventually ask for money.  They use publicly available information to instill trust, then will try to scam the person out of money.  They have a post about this type of scam on their website.

     I just wanted to detail my experience so if any other PAs get a similar call, they will know it is a scam.  If you do get a call like this, be sure to tell “Mike Moore” I said hello!

    Chris Barry, PA-C, MMSc, DFAAPA

    The NCMB is aware of this situation and has shared more information regarding these scams on the NCMB website.

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