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NEW! Helping Patients Understand the Affordable Care Act Read More »

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  • Commercial Driver Medical Examiner Training
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CME Information

Continuing Medical Education (CME) from NCAPA

The North Carolina Academy of Physician Assistants sponsors numerous professional development opportunities—such as the annual summer conference, the winter recertification conference, regional workshops, and online offerings–in total offering up to 80+ hours of Category I CME credit.

2014 NCAPA Conferences & Events

28th Annual Recertification Exam Review Conference     February 24-28, 2014

Commercial Driver Medical Examiner Training                 February 28, 2014

Commercial Driver Medical Examiner Training                 March 22, 2014

Commercial Driver Medical Examiner Training                 March 23, 2014

Commercial Driver Medical Examiner Training                 May 10 , 2014

38th Annual Summer Conference                                     August 17-22, 2014

NCAPA Member Benefits

A major benefit of membership in NCAPA is the access it provides to a number of resources that can help PAs with their CME and certification needs:

  • Discounted registration for NCAPA annual summer and winter conferences, offering more than 80 Category 1 CME hours in total.
  • Regional CME workshops in major cities throughout North Carolina.
  • Access to online CME programs and study materials.

Please note, in order to take advantage of the NCAPA Member discount on conference registrations or CME activities, you must be a current 2014 NCAPA Member at the time the event occurs.

NCCPA Certification Information

2014 marks the beginning of the PA profession’s transition to a 10-year certification maintenance process. PAs who pass PANCE, regain certification, or wrap up a six-year certification maintenance cycle in 2014 will be the first to begin the new 10-year process.

The 10-year certification maintenance process includes five two-year cycles during which all certified PAs must log 100 CME credits online. During each of those two-year cycles, you must earn and log at least 100 CME credits, including at least 50 Category 1 CME credits. Also — new in the 10-year certification maintenance cycle — 20 of the 50 Category 1 CME credits must be earned through self-assessment CME and/or performance improvement CME (PI-CME). By the end of the first four two-year CME cycles, you must have earned a total of at least 40 Category 1 CME credits through PI activities and 40 Category 1 CME credits through SA activities.

The remaining 50 credits can be Category 1, Category 2 or a combination of both.

For more information regarding maintaing PA certification, click here.