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Looking to hire a PA? Check our our Career Center! Read More »

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  • 2018 NCAPA Endowment Student Grant Winner | Frank Stooksbury

    The NCAPA Endowment board congratulates Frank Stooksbury as the 2018 NCAPA Endowment Student Grant recipient from the Campbell University PA Program. Prior to PA school, Frank served on active duty in the US Air Force while simultaneously working on his bachelor’s degree. After separating from the military, he worked as a radiological technologist and ultimately earned his degree from Grand Canyon University.

    While in PA school, Frank provides volunteer fire and medical services to the community and assists groups involved in disaster relief. he also volunteers with Habitat for Humanity and in outreach medical clinics for undocumented and migrant farm workers. With Frank’s extensive volunteer focus, it is not surprising that he serves on his student society board, participated in the 2018 PA Day at the NC Legislature and was the Campbell PA program’s delegate to the Assembly of Representatives of the Student Academy of the AAPA. Frank’s goals in PA practice include becoming a “servant leader” and continuing to advocate for patients and the PA profession in whatever field he works. With his past record, we have no doubt that he will succeed in achieving those goals.



    The NCAPA Endowment board gratefully thanks all who have made generous donations making these scholarships and other grants possible.  Please consider supporting PA students and practicing PAs who continue to do the work of providing excellent health care services in North Carolina.

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