Looking to hire a PA? Check our our Career Center! Read More »

Looking to hire a PA? Check our our Career Center! Read More »

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  • NCAPA Endowment Student Grant Winner | Isaac Waalen

    Congratulations to Isaac Waalen as the 2018 NCAPA Endowment Student Grant recipient from the Wingate University PA Program. Prior to PA school, Mr. Waalen graduated from the University of Minnesota—Twin Cities, while actively participating in widespread service, volunteer, and leadership efforts on his campus. During PA school, he served as his program’s delegate to the Assembly of Representatives of the Student Academy of the AAPA and participated in the PAEA Student Health Policy Fellowship as well as in local health fairs. Isaac is interested in expanding his skill set beyond that of clinical care and plans to pursue a doctorate in Health Administration. Integrative medicine is a declared practice goal, as well as participating in global health missions to places like Haiti and Puerto Rico, where he has previously served. The NCAPA Endowment board congratulates Isaac Waalen and looks forward to seeing results of the great works that lie ahead for him.



    The NCAPA Endowment board gratefully thanks all who have made generous donations making these scholarships and other grants possible.  Please consider supporting PA students and practicing PAs who continue to do the work of providing excellent health care services in North Carolina.


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