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  • 2018 Post-Election Update

    On November 6, North Carolina House and Senate seats, as well as the U.S. House and various judicial and local seats, were all up for reelection. In total, a little over 3.75 million of the approximately seven million registered voters in the state turned out for the General Election.


    Republicans, who presently hold a veto-proof majority in both legislative chambers in North Carolina, lost nine seats in the House and six seats in the Senate. The 2019-2020 partisan balance will be 66 Republicans – 54 Democrats in the House and 29 Republicans – 21 Democrats in the Senate.


    Democrats upset several key Republican incumbents in several highly contested seats in urban areas of the state. Overall, Republicans representing the two most populated counties, Mecklenburg County and Wake County, lost all of the seats they held in the House, while a Republican in both counties did hold onto their seat in the Senate. Notably, in Wake County, the chief budget chair, Rep. Nelson Dollar, lost his re-election bid to Julie von Hafen, and chair of several health committees, Rep. Chris Malone, lost his re-election bid to Terence Everitt.


    The five sitting members on the General Election ballots, who practice medicine in their day jobs, won their bids for reelection: Rep. Gale Adcock, N.P. (D-Wake), Rep. Carla Cunningham, R.N. (D-Mecklenburg), Rep. Greg Murphy, M.D. (R-Pitt), Rep. Donna White, R.N. (R-Johnston), and Sen. Jim Davis, D.D.S. (R-Macon).


    The new legislature will be sworn into their seats on January 6, 2019 during an organizational day, and then will begin their work in its earnest on January 23, 2019. NCAPA is looking forward to continuing to work with the incumbents who won their bids for re-election, as well as all of the newcomers to the General Assembly in 2019.


    Click here to view all of the results of the House races and click here to view all of the results of the Senate races.

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