The Stead Center will be CLOSED to the public until further notice. Read More »

The Stead Center will be CLOSED to the public until further notice. Read More »

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  • 2020 NC PA Program Update | Duke University
    By Brooke Taylor, PA-S, Duke University

    The Duke PA Program welcomed new faculty in 2019 and continues to do so in 2020. Dr. Maggie Gradison recently retired as the Medical Director, with Dr. Kenyon Railey now filling the role. Alicia Bolden, PA-C, joined the program as Assistant Professor, and Rachel Porter, Ph.D, the previous Educational Technology Specialist, is now the new Senior Education Strategist. Other new staff members include Woody Bass, Sarah Morrison, and Linwood Web. Students are very grateful for the support the faculty and staff provide, knowing that their work and dedication keeps the Duke PA program strong.

    Miracle League of the Triangle PA Day of Service

    The Class of 2021 is well into its second semester. Students are currently taking courses in clinical medicine, diagnostic methods, pharmacology, surgery, population health and medical Spanish. They have been fortunate to see patients on a weekly basis through a patient assessment and counseling course, and have had the opportunity work with many standardized patients in order to better develop history taking and exam skills. The class of 2020 is on their eighth rotation, working in clinics and hospitals throughout North Carolina and abroad in Ecuador, Sri Lanka, and Tanzania.

    Duke PA students at the Ronald McDonald House

    The Duke PA program is dedicated to the community and places a strong emphasis on service. The annual St. Baldrick’s Shaving fundraising event is currently being organized, as well as the Burton Elementary School project on April 24th. PA students have upcoming volunteer opportunities with Bull City Schools, the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina- Durham, and the Ronald McDonald House. Students are looking forward to the Annual AAPA Conference in May and are excited to connect with other PAs and students from around the country.

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