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The Stead Center will be CLOSED to the public until further notice. Read More »

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  • NCMB Mock Disciplinary Presentation
    by Caroline Griswold, NCAPA Program Coordinator

    On Wednesday, February 12, members of the NCAPA staff attended a North Carolina Medical Board (NCMB) Mock Disciplinary presentation hosted by the Campbell University PA Program. NCMB Immediate Past-President Dr. Barbara E. Walker led a presentation on the responsibilities of the NCMB, impressing upon the PA students that the Board is there to serve and support North Carolina licensees, as well as to protect the people of North Carolina. Dr. Walker enumerated the services provided by the NCMB, including licensing and regulatory procedures. When reviewing license applications, the Board considers the Two Cs: The Competence of the applicant and their Character.

    Representatives from the NCMB then presented five cases on which the students were to make administrative and disciplinary recommendations. These cases covered topics such as:

    • A lack of an intent-to-practice form to establish a formal supervisory agreement;
    • Inappropriate behavior towards patients;
    • Impairment in the workplace;
    • Improper prescribing of controlled substances;
    • HIPAA violations through social media.

    The students increased their knowledge regarding the types of actions that the board could take and came to a consensus about the appropriate course of action for each case. The activity provided the students an opportunity to better understand the workings of the NCMB and encouraged them to look to the NCMB as a trusted professional resource.

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