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Looking to hire a PA? Check our our Career Center! Read More »

PA of the Year

NCAPA’s PA of the Year award honors a PA who has demonstrated exemplary service to the profession and the community, and who has furthered the image of the PA profession while providing significant contributions to the health of the citizens of North Carolina.

NCAPA 2018 PA of the Year

Janelle Bludorn, PA-C, is the recipient of the NCAPA 2018 PA of the Year award. Janelle has been in practice for 8 years as a PA in both Emergency Medicine and Women’s Health. She is highly skilled in point-of-care ultrasound and shares her vast knowledge on the subject by educating students and providers. She has a strong online presence, sharing knowledge on PAs, PA education, and the PA profession through podcasts and social media. Janelle has served as a JAAPA Peer Review Board member, an ACLS instructor, and is a continuous support and mentor to students. As stated in her PA of the Year nomination, “she is always motivated to learn more, do more, teach more, and enhance the PA profession.

Janelle serves on the Board of Directors for the Society for Emergency Medicine PAs, is an Assistant Professor at the UNC PA program, and practices in the ER and UNC Hospital.

The PA of the Year award was presented to Janelle Bludorn during the 42nd Annual Summer Conference on Monday, August 20, 2018.


Nominate the next PA of the Year!


To be eligible for PA of the Year nomination, the potential recipient must be a Fellow or Associate Member of NCAPA and have been practicing as a PA for a minimum of three years.

Nomination Period

Nominations for the 2019 PA of the Year will be accepted from February 22nd through September 1st. Any NCAPA member or PA employer may submit a nomination. Nominations should include a written rationale detailing how the nominee meets the award criteria and why he/she is deserving of the award. The Awards Committee will review all nominations and select the PA of the Year and notify the recipient no later than October 1st.

Award Ceremony

The 2019 PA of the Year award recipient will receive a complimentary conference registration for either the 2020 Winter Conference OR 2020 Summer Conference. NCAPA will travel to the PA of the Year’s place of employment to present the award and the recipient’s name will be added to a permanent plaque at the Stead Center.

Nominate the 2019 PA of the Year!

Submit your nomination for PA of the Year by completing the following form. Deadline for submissions is September 1, 2019.
  • Nominee Information

  • Nominator Information

  • Please share some information about the person you are nominating for PA of the Year. Some things to consider sharing might include: • A demonstrated commitment to the PA profession over the years. Please provide examples, such as service or leadership to NCAPA, AAPA, or other organizations; • Examples of promotion and/or support of the PA profession as an integral part of healthcare in the state through community activities, such as health fairs, church, etc.; • Personal outreach to PAs. This might include mentoring, being a preceptor, teaching, or working with PAs within his/her practice; • Any publications or presentations the nominee has completed; • Any awards or recognition presented to the nominee.

    This person should be well known by his/her colleagues. It is not required, but you are welcome to provide up to three documents which may include letters of reference from co-workers, employers, students, instructors, and/or other PAs. The letters should explain how the author knows the nominee and for how long, as well as why they feel the nominee should be awarded the PA of the Year, with reference to any community service, awards, etc. that the author is personally aware of.
  • For more information, please contact Kat Nicholas, NCAPA Director of Membership and Marketing, at kat.nicholas@ncapa.org.